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Welcome to the Lairdzone 2000 !


Music recording & production is my career and hobby. Internet communication is also a major interest. Thanks for visiting, I will be updating this site so please bookmark it and return often.

Web audio is more popular then ever. Put your originals online for others to experience! Creation and distribution of your personalized audio files can be done in various formats, here at Great Scott Studio. Anything from 2-track transfers to full multi-track projects, can be produced here in-house, including CD mastering.

Visit the Studio link (below) to hear some music.

Great Scott Studio is my recording and production studio.

Liquid Audio - A world of their own.

Harmony Central is a must-see for all musicians.

Audioforums for people to exchange recording/production techniques and resources. Many topics of discussion here.

Shoutcasting over the internet, streaming MP3 radio stations Learn how to start your own radio webcast for free!

My brother has his page out too- Spee!

 Scottboys' Group can be crazy at times on 

Discover high quality MP3 files (below) if you haven't already.




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