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  Design Group's Dakota / Tango 24 system along with the Alesis ADAT XT20  offers16 tracks of balanced I/O. 8, 24-bit converters on Tango 24, and 8, 20-bit conversion in ADAT connecting via (2)pipelines to Dakota. Digital I/O, Midi I/O, ADAT sync, and Word Clock also with Dakota.

8- 44.1 or 48kHz- 24 bit AD converters 128 oversampled with 105 dB s/n ratio. 8- 44.1 or 48kHz- 20 bit AD converters 128 oversampled with 102 dB s/n ratio. Sync to Midi/ADAT/Word Clock

  Professional software includes:

 Samplitude 2496 - Professional multi-tracking, mixing, mastering, and CD burning.

 Vegas Pro - multi-tracking and mixing.

Cool Edit Pro- 64 tracks of 32 bit recording  with powerful waveform editing, and 30+DSP effects.

Logic Audio- one of today's most advanced sequencing/notation systems integrating MIDI with multiple audio tracks and extensive editing and production capabilities.

Sound Forge 5- 2-track editor with a host of features for total control of stereo files.

DSP/FX - Editing / Mastering plug-ins.

Waves Native Power Pack - Editing / Mastering plug-ins.


Full featured Mackie 24/8 console.

Condenser & dynamic microphones by Audio Technica, Rode, EV, Audix, Crown.

Outboard FX, comps, tube pre-amps.


The Recording Workshop - Fantastic School I attended in '94, and completed "The Recording Engineering and Music Production Program" 


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